Don't be fooled - AGM Productions is so much more that a recording studio. Over the years it has become very evident that clients keep coming back not because of Andrew's studio, but because of Andrew. But why is this?

Firstly, Andrew Griffiths is a highly regarded session musician and performer, with an extra-ordinary ability to turn his hand to any instrument he tries. At the last count, Andrew has performed recording sessions on over 30 instruments. He first shot to notoriety while performing on a number of live television shows in the 'Brass Monkeys.' Since then he has performed on a myriad of TV shows, television commercials, films and music albums alongside and for some of the world's biggest recording artists.

Secondly, he doesn't only play music, he writes it. And well too. His work can again be heard on a number of TV shows, television commercials, films and music albums. In fact, the chances are you've probably heard his work many times already - you probably just don't know it yet.

All of this makes AGM productions more than recording studio - but a complete creative service. Sure, the studio is packed with a huge range of instruments, and the latest gear. And yes it's running state-of-the-art PC's, software together with a huge range of sample libraries and virtual instruments. But what makes it unique is the combination of such a space, with the know-how and skills that Andrew provides.